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“But wait… There’s more” – TV Shop workers take strike action

Date of Release: 
Friday, September 16, 2016

If you call the TV Shop to order a Transforma Ladder or a Bambillo Pillow tomorrow, you might not get an answer as the company’s call centre and distribution centre workers take to the picket line calling on company owner Paul Meier to offer fair pay and secure work hours.   

“The TV Shop is creaming it, but the people who do the work of selling and moving its brands are expected to survive on little more than the minimum wage and a roster that changes from week to week,” said FIRST Union organiser Kate Davis.

“Many of our members have gone years without a pay rise. Many of them see their hours change week to week on nothing more than a manager’s whim.”

“This leads to excessive turnover rates. People at the TV Shop feel insecure,” said Davis.

FIRST Union has been in negotiations with the TV Shop for a year. During that time the company has gone through two CEOs, a CFO and three HR staff meaning negotiations keep being put on the backburner.

“Our members are left with no choice. They have to take action to send a message. Working people are entitled to a fair pay and secure hours,” said Davis.



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