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Ambos alter strike plans

Date of Release: 
Monday, October 31, 2016

Ambulance professionals across the country have agreed to alter their strike plans as a gesture to reassure any worried members of the public.

Ambulance Professionals First spokesperson Lynette Blacklaws says some aspects of the action will still go ahead, but the proposed paperwork ban has been temporarily withdrawn to reassure the public there will be no risk to patient safety.

“Patient safety is the top priority for Ambulance professionals,” said Ms Blacklaws. 

“Officers will still be taking part in a partial-strike relating to non-compliance with the uniform policy.”

St John and the unions representing the 1000 ambulance professionals are meeting for mediation on Wednesday 2 November. This comes after St John agreed to withdraw injunctive proceedings attempting to stop the strike.

“If we can’t get a result in mediation we will step up industrial action as needed. But the public can rest assured that ambulance officers will not take action that could impact patient safety,” said Ms Blacklaws.

A partial strike including a non-compliance of the uniform policy is scheduled to take place from 4 November 2016. 


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