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Another fatality prompts calls for better understanding of truck crashes

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another fatal accident this morning has prompted calls for a better understanding of the underlying issues affecting the safety of truck drivers.

Two trucks collided near Kerikeri early this morning.  The driver of one vehicle died at the scene, and another suffered minor injuries.

Karl Andersen, Transport & Logistics Secretary for FIRST Union, said a detailed investigation into the causes of truck accidents was warranted.

“Alongside other dangerous industries like mining and forestry, road transport is a major contributor to workplace deaths.” 

“Truck drivers work long hours and suffer significant disruption to their family life.  We owe it to drivers and their families to get to the bottom of why our road toll remains high for truck drivers and other road users affected by truck accidents.”

“In 2011 (most recent available figures), in road crashes involving trucks there were 50 deaths of truck drivers or other road users.  Truck accidents resulting in fatalities have come right down since a peak in the 1990s, but 50 deaths is still a high toll.”

The Labour Party has called for an inquiry into truck safety that looks at the wider structural issues in the trucking industry, including contracting and remuneration issues, and FIRST Union supported these calls, Karl Andersen said.

Australia and New Zealand police are in week two of their annual Operation Austrans – targeting heavy vehicle road safety issues including fatigue, speed and use of stimulants.


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