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NZ shops flooded with cheap clothing

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Friday, May 17, 2013

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Most New Zealand chains are yet to join the accord to promote safer conditions for factory workers overseas.

The recent Bangladesh clothing factory collapse that claimed hundreds of lives was a stark reminder of the dangers workers in the third world face.

The disaster promoted several major overseas retailers to sign an accord to promote human rights and safety.


Campaigners hope more people will now start paying attention to the country on the label.

"We're flooded with cheap clothing, makes it affordable to buy, but comes as cost of lives," said Green Party MP and Industrial relations Spokesperson Denise Roche.

Robert Reid, General Secretary of First Union says he is disappointed by Kiwi retailers.

"We don't want Australia and New Zealand to be the odd countries out when other major retailers and brands in the world are coming to the party," he said.

Excerpt from One News story - read the full article and watch the news item online here.

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