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Pumpkin Patch still deducting workers’ money to pay for “worthless” shares

Date of Release: 
Thursday, November 3, 2016

Workers at Pumpkin Patch head office and distribution centre are outraged after receiving an email from the company’s payroll department confirming that wage deductions will be made to pay for shares in the failed company.

“Workers at head office and in the distribution centre were part of an employee-shares scheme,” explained FIRST Union General Secretary Robert Reid.

“Now Payroll is saying workers will continue to pay for shares through wage deductions. People are outraged that they’ll continue to have wages deducted for the now worthless shares.”

“This is at odds with verbal assurances we had from the company’s receivers that workers wouldn’t have to pay for the shares. What changed?”

“It adds insult to injury for workers at head office and in the distribution centre. First they were told they wouldn’t qualify for redundancy because the company they were employed under held no assets. Now they’re being told they’ll face wage deductions for worthless shares,” said Reid. 


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