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St John threatens jobs… over wearing a badge

Date of Release: 
Friday, November 4, 2016

As ambulance officers across the country begin strike action at St John, the union representing the officers has revealed that approximately 800 officers on strike received a letter warning that disciplinary action could be taken against those who didn’t comply with the uniform policy.

“Ambulance officers across the country are wearing badges that read ‘Healthy Ambos Save Lives,’” said Ambulance Professionals First spokesperson Lynette Blacklaws.

The strike involves a uniform ban.

“But a letter from the law firm representing St Johns warns that disciplinary action could be taken against any ambulance officers who don’t comply with the uniform policy.”

“This kind of heavy-handed response is totally unnecessary. Ambulance officers are sending a message that they’re overworked, nothing more,” said Blacklaws.

“The letter claims that ambulance officers are taking ‘unlawful’ action, even though St John has withdrawn legal proceedings attempting to prevent the strike.”

“St John must reassure ambulance officers that no one will face any adverse consequences for taking a stand against dangerous workloads.”


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