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Support Talley’s AFFCO workers

Article Date: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1300  locked out Talley’s AFFCO workers and their families (over 5,000 kids) are really feeling the pinch after eight weeks locked out without pay, and need the help of other union members to help continue their fight and feed their families.

Find out about more about the lockout by watching this You Tube clip, put together by workers from Moerewa.

Talley’s won’t let locked out staff return to work until they sign contracts giving them the ability to cut pay rates at will, remove job security and increase speeds in already dangerous workplaces. Talley’s is trying to create divisions between individuals and union workers, and between union co-workers by leting some work while targetting others to be locked out. They’ve even split families by only locking out half of them.

Talley’s will drop the lock out for struggling families if they leave the union. They’re offering new workers $1,000 and a pay rise to keep them out of the union.

All union members need to do our bit to help. It’s really easy to help – you can ring 0900 LOCKOUT to make a $5 donation, or go to to find out more. 


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