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Union calls for stronger work hour laws

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The union representing transport workers says the Government needs to introduce stronger laws to keep truck drivers from working long, unsafe hours.

Waikato firm Dibble Transport has been fined $21,000 after admitting its drivers broke laws over hours of work and rest breaks.

First Union general secretary Robert Reid said many truck drivers are owner-operators who find their margins are constantly being squeezed, with the result that they often take risks and work long hours.

He said the Government needs to follow Australia's lead and introduce regulations to ensure drivers are paid enough money to get by.

Last year, Australia introduced road safety rules to discourage truckies breaking speed and fatigue laws by making sure drivers were paid reasonably for their work.

Mr Reid said says maximum work hour rules also need to be better enforced.

Dibble Transport says it has put in place systems to ensure its drivers don't break the law again.


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