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Unions deliver the truth to Wellington Council over bus contracts

Date of Release: 
Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wellington Council have been misled regarding the effect of the newly introduced tendering process for buses, says one of the trade unions representing bus drivers.

NZ Council of Trade Unions President Richard Wagstaff delivered a letter to the Greater Wellington Regional Council today on behalf of the two bus drivers unions, Bus Drivers First and the Tramways Union, explaining the dangers of the competitive tendering process for bus services in South Auckland.

The process undertaken by Auckland Transport has seen wages and job security for South Auckland bus drivers driven down.

“The competitive tendering system which is currently being rolled out in both major citys puts jobs at risk and increases inequality as it rewards bad employers and punishes those who treat drivers with dignity,” said Bus Drivers First spokesperson Rudd Hughes. 

“A responsible council organisation would ensure that the terms and conditions of drivers are transferred to any incumbent operator through the tendering process.”

However, in a letter to Rongotai MP Annette King, General Manager of Public Transport Wayne Hastie wrote that the council wanted ‘happy drivers that were secure in their jobs,’ adding he was not aware of the tendering process driving down wages and conditions.  

“But this goes against our experience in Auckland. Drivers in Wellington are determined not to see the same tendering process replicated in Wellington,” said Hughes.



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