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T&LOver 8,000 workers in road transport, stores, warehousing and logistics come together in the Transport & Logistics sector of FIRST Union.

We have Industry Councils which drive the work of our union in Transport & Logistics

Karl Andersen is the Secretary of FIRST Union's Transport & Logistics sector.

Transport & Logistics Workers FIRST!

Check out the latest news below from our transport and logistics workers:

Strike off as Toll Logistics agrees to meet workers’ demands

Date of Release: 
Tuesday, October 6, 2015

After workers commenced strike action at Toll Logistics this morning, the company has agreed to conclude a new collective agreement and settle outstanding legal cases, says FIRST Union organiser Jared Abbott.

Workers were prepared to strike until Christmas if necessary.

The new 3 year collective agreement includes back pay and a wage increase of 8 percent over 3 years.

FIRST Union looks forward to a productive relationship with the company going forward. 

Toll workers strike after underpayments and stalled wage negotiations

Date of Release: 
Monday, October 5, 2015

Over 20 striking workers from Toll Logistics in Auckland are calling on Toll Australia and owners Japan Post to immediately investigate a series of systemic breaches to their collective agreement and stalled wage negotiations that they say are giving the company a bad reputation, says FIRST Union organiser Jared Abbott.

“The workers have been negotiating with the company since May, but talks have been prolonged because Toll refuses to settle unless the union withdraws a number of proceedings it has against the company in the Employment Relations Authority.”

Tanker driver strike unlikely, company meets workers’ demands

Date of Release: 
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

After the prospect of a four-day tanker driver strike, Pacific Fuel Haul is backing down and has agreed to meet workers’ demands, says FIRST Union organiser Jared Abbott.

“It’s now unlikely that the planned tanker driver strike will go ahead.”

“The company has now agreed to reinstate a previously agreed offer that they had reneged on,” says Abbott.

“The offer will see tanker drivers who deliver fuel to Z and Caltex earn increases of up to 18 percent over 3 years with back pay from August 1.”

Tanker drivers planning strike, North Island fuel supply to be affected

Date of Release: 
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tanker drivers across the country are planning to strike after their employer, Pacific Fuel Haul, pulled out of an agreed settlement for the second time, says FIRST Union organiser Jared Abbott.

“The workers are calling on the company to make good on its word and settle the agreement.”

“Reneging once could be put down to a mistake, but reneging twice is just bad faith,” says Abbott.

“The workers have now been left with no choice. Striking is the only way the company will return to the table and make good on its promise to settle an agreement.”

Single crewing tragedy highlights need for inquiry

Date of Release: 
Thursday, September 10, 2015

The release of the Health and Disability Commissioner’s report into the death of an elderly woman in a single crewed ambulance highlights the need for an inquiry into single crewing, says FIRST Union National Ambulance Co-Ordinator Neil Chapman.

“We need an urgent inquiry into the dangers of single crewing. Without that second pair of hands both the paramedic and the patient are put at risk.”


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