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Transport & Logistics

T&LOver 8,000 workers in road transport, stores, warehousing and logistics come together in the Transport & Logistics sector of FIRST Union.

We have Industry Councils which drive the work of our union in Transport & Logistics

Jared Abbott is the Secretary of FIRST Union's Transport & Logistics sector.

Transport & Logistics Workers FIRST!

Check out the latest news below from our transport and logistics workers:

Auckland bus strike escalates – drivers refuse to handle cash

Date of Release: 
Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Over 100 FIRST Union members from Howick and Eastern Buses are recommencing strike action as the company makes repeated attempts to remove overtime and weekend rates for drivers, says FIRST Union Bus Organiser Rudd Hughes.

“From 4am tomorrow to 4am on Friday drivers from Howick and Eastern Buses will refuse to handle cash. Passengers with cash will see their fare money refused, but they can still travel to their destination.”

Karl Andersen on double crewing all ambulances

Date of Release: 

Double crewing ambulances saves lives, as Transport and Logistics Secretary Karl Andersen explains to the New Zealand Herald. 

Karl Andersen on the Auckland bus drivers' strike

Date of Release: 

Karl Andersen, our Transport and Logistics Secretary, appeared on the Paul Henry Show to explain why bus drivers are striking across Auckland - and why much of the blame can be sheeted home to Auckland Transport. 


Linfox workers strike as managers start work

Date of Release: 
Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Linfox workers strike as managers start work on the distribution centre floor

Karl Andersen on dodgy labour hire practices

Date of Release: 

Here's our Transport and Logistics Secretary Karl Andersen calling for an urgent inquiry into the explotation of workers in labour hire industry.


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