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Get Out And Vote

Get Out And Vote Nearly a third of Kiwis didn’t vote in the last election. That’s not good for our democracy. But if we work together, we can help turn that around in 2014.

Together, we can do something about it. This election year, we’re asking you to help us become a nation of voters.

Be part of the union-wide Get Out and Vote campaign.

Sign up as a volunteer. Encourage your family, friends, workmates and neighbours to vote. We’ll send you resources to make it easy.

Sign up as a voterWe’ll send you a reminder and let you know where you can cast an early vote. This election, 10 percent of polling places will be open from 3 September until election day on 20 September.

Check the rollYou must be on the roll to vote.

Let’s grow the vote so we all have a say.

You can sign our Voter Pledge here today. Or you can do a bit more and volunteer to spread the Voting word on-line, at work and in your community.


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