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FIRST Union offers a number of additional benefits to members, including:

Willowhaven Holiday Park

Discounted rates are available to FIRST Union members at Affordable Willowhaven Holiday Park, which is located on the Western shores of Lake Rotorua, only 6 kilometres from Rotorua. The Holiday Park is a short walk from the Ngongotaha Shopping Centre and close to Rotorua's tourist attractions.

Willowhaven provides low cost accommodation. The chalets, tourist flats, cabins have shower and cooking facilities, and if you are camping there are two modern amenities blocks.

Willowhaven is popular, so you need to book early! For further details including rates and contact information, visit the Willowhaven website.

Funeral Insurance

FIRST Union offers its members funeral insurance of $10,000 for just 70 cents per week.  No health questions asked if you are under the age of 65!   Don’t delay – complete your application form today!

Funeral insurance covers you while you are a financial member of FIRST Union only.  To find out more, speak to your delegate or contact the FIRST Union Member Support Centre on 0800 863 477 or email us at

“It was comforting knowing that with the modern expenses of a funeral and headstone, that this insurance was available.  It took away the worries of those expenses.” Husband of a former  member.

The insurance is underwritten by:

Sovereign Services Limited
PO Box 331 004
North Shore City, 0740

Waitakere Union Health Centre

Free doctor vists!  Download attached PDF for further information.

IRIS Super Scheme

I.R.I.S.  Industry Retirement and Insurance Services is a superannuation scheme with low cost group life insurance which was established by a group of trade unions in 1990.

IRIS offers an affordable low fee savings vehicle which can assist working people to save for their retirement at their level of affordability.

With IRIS you can:

  • start from as little as $5.00 per week savings and contribute as much or as little as you can afford over your entire working life.
  • take IRIS with you from job to job
  • stop and start  contributions at any time.
  • withdraw from age 60, or if you are unemployed for 13 weeks or more, or after 12months of being overseas, or  in extreme financial hardship, and if you die before retirement it all goes to your family along with any life cover you may have.

Some union linked employers contribute to IRIS Super and some others have agreed to pay the administration fee and/ or the life insurance premiums. (ask your union organiser if your employer is involved)

Life insurance cover starts at a 'no questions asked' basic level of up to $52,000 cover for just $1.25 per week. You can double or treble this cover by paying $2.50 or $3.75 per week and completing a health questionnaire and getting acceptance.

There are no commissions or hidden fees ( admin fee is a low standard $1.15 per week) and IRIS has been set up and run by unions as a not-for-profit organisation. However the Super scheme is administered  by a well known industry administration company Aon Hewitt, with the investment management currently with One Path and the life insurance is underwritten by Sovereign Assurance. These providers are reviewed regularly for best practice results.

IRIS can help you to help yourself into a secure future both during your working life and into retirement.

For further information talk to your union organiser or contact IRIS on 0800 650 836

IRIS works for your future today.


First Credit Union

First Credit Union provides a similar service to banks, but unlike banks it is a non-profit organisation.  As a result, saving and loans are offered at reasonable rates and interest rates for personal loans are substantially lower.  First Credit also has a philosophy of helping its customers get out of debt and can arrange budgeting services to assist you with managing your money.  Check out the range products and services on their website at

UnionPlus – Financial Services

Geoff Aylward of Union Plus extends a warm welcome to FIRST Union members all over New Zealand.  Union Plus is New Zealand’s largest and longest running Union member benefits programme.  We work hard to organise genuine member benefits for Union members all over New Zealand.  Our goal is to save members money and provide conservative and thoughtful advice on financial matters.  Visit our website – – for more details.  There you will be able to sign up to receive member benefits updates by email.

Contact Union Plus
Free phone: 0800 320 400

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