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Membership Fees

Membership fees pay for the costs of having an organisation — such as contract negotiations, grievances, training for members, legal fees — so no one has to go it alone.

Funding the cost of our union as members also keeps us independant and unreliant on others.

A small increase is applied to our union fees each year in May.

This annual automatic increase was decided by union delegates at our 2001 regional conferences.

The amount of the increase is based on the average percentage wage increases achieved in each sector of the Union.

For those workplaces that have voted to pay more than the minimum union fee the automatic increase does not apply.


Change to work hours

If your regular hours of work go up, or go down, you must:

  • If your membership fees are paid by payroll deduction advise your payroll office and the Union immediately so your union fee rate can be adjusted.
  • If your membership fees are paid by direct debit advise the union in writing so that the correct amount can be deducted next time.

Resigning your membership

To resign your membership you must advise the Union in writing or by email. This is an audit requirement. A phone call is not enough.

One month’s written notice of resignation is required under FIRST Union rules.


FIRST Union will not refund fees paid should you fail to advise the Union of changes in writing or by email at the time of resignation.

  • If an employer error leads to the overpayment of fees the Union will work with the employer to verify the cause and a refund of up to six-months fees may be made.
  • If fees are paid by direct debit there will be no refund of over-paid fees if you did not notify the Union in writing or by email to cancel the direct debit.
  • If there are special or exceptional circumstances that warrant consideration of a refund you can request these circumstances be referred to the relevant sector secretary.

There is no expectation that a refund will be made and the sector secretary’s decision will be final.


Notification must be in writing. Please send your notice to our National Office:

Private Bag 92904
Auckland 1643

or email:


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