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Pumpkin Patch still deducting workers’ money to pay for “worthless” shares

Date of Release: 
Thursday, November 3, 2016

Workers at Pumpkin Patch head office and distribution centre are outraged after receiving an email from the company’s payroll department confirming that wage deductions will be made to pay for shares in the failed company.

“Workers at head office and in the distribution centre were part of an employee-shares scheme,” explained FIRST Union General Secretary Robert Reid.

“Now Payroll is saying workers will continue to pay for shares through wage deductions. People are outraged that they’ll continue to have wages deducted for the now worthless shares.”

“But wait… There’s more” – TV Shop workers take strike action

Date of Release: 
Friday, September 16, 2016

If you call the TV Shop to order a Transforma Ladder or a Bambillo Pillow tomorrow, you might not get an answer as the company’s call centre and distribution centre workers take to the picket line calling on company owner Paul Meier to offer fair pay and secure work hours.   

“The TV Shop is creaming it, but the people who do the work of selling and moving its brands are expected to survive on little more than the minimum wage and a roster that changes from week to week,” said FIRST Union organiser Kate Davis.

Easter Trading Bill: Government gives working people the middle finger

Date of Release: 
Monday, September 5, 2016

The union representing working people in the retail industry is condemning the Government for whipping its MPs to pass the controversial Shop Trading Hours Amendment Bill.

The Bill passed 62-59 as union officials and former heavyweight boxer David Tua looked on. The Bill’s passage came after a 5000-strong petition to Peter Dunne asking him to vote against the Bill, a 10,000-strong leaflet drop in his Ohariu electorate, an admission that Deputy Prime Minister Bill English opposes reform and opposition from a group of former All Blacks.

Retail workers union offers 11th hour solution on Easter trading

Date of Release: 
Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The union representing working people in retail is calling on the Government to withdraw the Shop Trading Hours Amendment Bill and convene a cross-sector working group to develop Easter trading laws the country can agree on.

The move comes after mounting opposition including pleas from a group of former All Blacks, an admission that even Deputy Prime Minister Bill English opposes reform and a 10,000-strong leaflet drop by unions in the Ohariu electorate asking residents to sign a petition calling on Peter Dunne to withdraw his support. 

Union calls on Dunedin New World to close North-South wage gap

Date of Release: 
Saturday, August 6, 2016

FIRST Union, the union representing working people in retail, is criticising Dunedin’s Centre City New World for keeping wages lower than equivalent stores in the North Island. 

“Foodstuffs stores in the South Island are paying their workforce up to $2 less per hour than workers in unionised stores in the North Island,” explained FIRST Union Dunedin organiser Shirley Walthew. 

Union members and their community supporters are picketing Centre City New World on Saturday from 11am to 1pm in an effort to highlight the wage gap.

Porirua community rallies behind supermarket workers

Date of Release: 
Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pak n Save’s signature ‘Stickman’ will be joining community members and supporters who are planning to rally outside Pak n Save Porirua to protest against the company’s poor pay offer in collective agreement negotiations.

‘Porirua is a proud “Living Wage” community, but Pak n Save Porirua is offering a wage increase that amounts to less than the recent increase in the minimum wage,’ said FIRST Union National Organiser Bill Bradford.

Union pickets Foodstuff’s Christchurch headquarters after workers turn to charities for food

Date of Release: 
Friday, August 5, 2016

The union representing working people in Pak’n Save and New World stores is picketing Foodstuff’s South Island CEO Steve Anderson after learning that some South Island supermarket workers are turning to charities for help feeding their families.

FIRST Union national organiser Bill Bradford says Foodstuff’s store owners in the South Island run a business model that keeps wages and working conditions at a minimum.

The Rat arrives in Porirua

Date of Release: 

Workers and Porirua community members were out in force calling on the owner of Pak'n Save Porirua to come to the table with a decent pay offer. Working people deserve better than work on poverty wages. 

Maxine Gay on Easter trading

Date of Release: 

The government wants shops to open on Easter Sunday, but isn't family time more important? 

Bunnings management removes staff-owned defribillators

Date of Release: 

Our Dunedin organiser Shirley Walthew spoke to John Campbell about Bunnings outrageous decision to remove three staff-owned defibrillators from the Dunedin, Nelson and Gisborne stores.


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