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TPPA + RCEP = Double Trouble

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Prominent TPPA opponents Jane Kelsey and Barry Coates will be joined by former UN official Dr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram to talk about the next steps in the TPPA process and the new, rather ominous sounding, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

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Samoa First Union enlists international support

Date of Release: 

Samoa First Union is going from strength to strength, organising and educating workers with help from international unions. 

Robert Reid on Q+A

Date of Release: 

Our General Secretary Robert Reid appeared on Q+A to talk immigration and the new agreement between Labour and the Greens. 

The General Secretaries on Waatea 5th Estate

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Robert Reid appeared on Waatea 5th Estate alongside former FIRST Union General Secretary Laila Harre. 


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